Best Practices

An exploration of technical issues and answers to common questions about print design

Paper Quality and Print Consistency

Matching photographic images that ‘crossover’ from one signature to the next in an open spread of a book is especially difficult. Beautiful even solids – especially single hits of spot colors – may only be achieved when using paper that is consistent from side-to-side.

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The Enduring Quality of Print

For publishers and institutions who feel a responsibility to preserve their legacy for future generations, the permanence and archival quality of paper is an important consideration. If a story is important enough to capture in print, it certainly is important enough to be preserved for generations. Read about permanence and archival qualities of paper in this post.

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Expert Advice for Press Checks

Approving color on press is the last chance a designer has to ensure the job will deliver perfectly. Looking at color fidelity is at the heart of it, but there are a myriad of other small details to oversee as well. The following is a compilation of advice and procedures gathered from experienced printers, designers and print technology websites.

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Steve McCurry on Photo Composition

This short, lively video is a remarkably informative three minute course in image composition by legendary photographer Steve McCurry.

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Visualizing Working Color Space

If you’ve ever how working color space affects the appearance of color for print design, Peter Krogh’s video on the ASMP DPBestflow site is a dramatic illustration.

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Choosing a print provider: What matters?

It’s clear the print world has gone through a sea change over the past decade. Advances in design and imaging software, the emergence of a PDF workflow, and the new presence of online printing have produced an industry that veteran designers hardly recognize. The industry appears to be splitting into two camps. The first camp offers “good-enough quality” with speed, a 24/7 interface and/or low-cost defining the value proposition. The second focuses on high quality, technical support and customer service with marketing impact delivering the value.

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Formation: The hidden key to print quality

To the untrained eye, commodity papers can appear just as white and smooth as quality text papers. However, there are a number hidden attributes that combine to create exceptional print fidelity and help ensure a trouble-free press run. This post focuses on the most importance of these – formation.

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Digital Photo Standards: ASMP’s DPBestflow

A great example of grass-roots collaboration is the work of UPDIG, an independent group of photographers, designers and printers who collaborated on common standards for handling digital images in the early days of digital photography.

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DPI Survey / Our Readers’ Interests

To help us identify the topics to focus on on DPI, we took time to do a quick study of the preferences of our subscribers to the blog. We thought you’d like to see the results.

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Dear Designer…

Authors alterations are the bane of printers, designers and especially the marketing managers who have to bear the brunt of cost overruns. Here’s a sampling of what not to do when producing files for print design.

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