Insights and observations by industry leaders

Print, Luxury and Malcolm Gladwell

The very definition of luxury is rareness — the opposite of mass-ness. And print has certainly become a rare luxury. As our world has become decidedly digital, the opportunities for tactile, sensuous, ink-on-paper artifacts makes them even more special.

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Arthur Meyerson

Over the last half of the 20th century, the corporate annual report became the premier vehicle for communicating a company’s work, spirit and vision to shareholders. Many of America’s most iconic brand images were created for annual reports, including a rich portfolio of photographs by Houston photographer Arthur Meyerson for Coca-Cola. We featured his vibrant portrayal of dancers at Fiesta San Antonio in Single Image. Arthur generously shared his insights with us afterwards.

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Leslie Smolan

A passionate advocate of fine printing, Leslie Smolan has directed many iconic branding campaigns, almost all of them integrating print design as a component. We spoke with her about the power of print and the campaign Carbone Smolan is creating for the luxury resort NIZUC, on the Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico.

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Judy Schulz / AIGA Fellow

Judy Schulz was recently honored by the American Institute of Graphics Arts with the distinguished title of AIGA Fellow. As Olmsted-Kirk’s vice president of sales promotion and marketing, Judy has provided the Texas design community with support and counsel through her vast knowledge of printing, design and paper, along with her considerable charm, wit and energy.

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Pangaro Beer Design

PBD is a small but prolific design office on Beacon Street in the city of Brookline. Established over 15 years ago by Shannon Beer and Natalie Pangaro, they have carved out a successful niche in the Boston design scene by focusing on clients who are value-based and great to work with. One of their more recent projects entailed a major revamping of Merrimack College’s identity and marketing materials.

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