Monadnock Paper Mills

The oldest continuously operating paper mill in North America, Monadnock has continually updated and expanded our capabilities to produce only the finest quality papers. We focus on premium fine printing papers, as well as our ENVI Portfolio® of specialty papers for sustainably designed merchandising and packaging.

Our Advantage to the Market

Great printing requires a consistently level and uniform printing surface. The overall experience is enhanced by paper that lies comfortably in the hand with a luscious tactile feel. These qualities are the hallmarks of truly fine paper. For close to 200 years, Monadnock’s papermakers have focused on perfecting their craft at a unique family-owned mill in the hills of southern New Hampshire. We are a specialty mill making premium, smooth, white, uncoated papers for fine printing. That is what we are known for and what we do best.

Our products are legendary for their quality, with uniformity from side to side and run to run. We achieve this quality by being highly focused, perfecting the process of refining, cleaning and forming the pure cellulose and premium recycled fibers that are carefully blended to make our papers.

These are the fine printing papers made by Monadnock

Brilliant white, three finishes, alkaline pH, elemental chlorine-free.

100% post-consumer waste content, alkaline pH, process chlorine-free.

Neutral white, alkaline pH, elemental chlorine-free.

Mellow white, alkaline pH, elemental chlorine-free.


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