The DPI Project

As online marketing has grown, well-targeted print communications have become increasingly valuable. As a result, enlightened corporations and nonprofits are succeeding through campaigns created by an elite community of marketing consultants, graphic designers, photographers and printers.

Like anything that is valuable, fine printing isn’t easy, and it isn’t cheap. But the exceptional engagement and enduring appeal delivered by a well-printed piece pays huge dividends in marketing impact. Wise businesses are recognizing the enormous potential of print in a world overpopulated by fleeting messages delivered online. This power can be expressed as a simple equation: great design plus great printing creates great marketing impact. We call it  design + print = impact.

Monadnock Paper Mills, the oldest continuously operating paper mill in North America, wants to promote the creation of print campaigns through a social community dedicated to the growth of the industry in North America. Design Print Impact is a cornerstone of this effort.

The campaign features three major elements:

Single Image
A design journal showcasing successful branding campaigns and articles of interest by industry leaders.
A blog of case studies, interviews and practical advice for designers and print buyers.

Local Meet-ups
Informal gatherings for sharing information, experiences and printed samples.

If you are a marketing manager, we hope this campaign shows the power of print for making your brand look great. If you are a designer who wants to do print design at the highest level, we hope you find resources to help you learn best practices in the industry.

We invite you to become a member of the community. If you wish to contribute examples of your work or articles of interest, please email us at the link below.


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